Air Source Heat Pumps for Office Buildings

Cinergi is a leading installer of commercial heat pumps in a wide range of commercial buildings across the South Coast. Read on to discover how a ground or air source heat pump can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to a gas boiler for your business or industrial premises.

Expert Air Source Heat Pump Installers for Office Buildings

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in the environment, your company and your staff. A heat pump can help you create the perfect working environment in your office building.

Your staff will appreciate the consistent and comfortable temperatures maintained throughout the year, helping to promote employee well-being and satisfaction. Not only that, using renewable energy will position you as a responsible and eco-conscious employer.

A heat pump offers short and long-term cost savings and can make a significant impact on your bottom line over time.  With reduced energy consumption compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, you can expect lower energy bills. Heat pump systems also require less maintenance when compared to a gas boiler, contributing to long-term financial savings.

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Office Building Air Source Heat Pump Installer
Air Source Heat Pump Installers for Office Buildings


Heat pumps are an excellent solution for commercial premises, offering a sustainable and cost-effective supply of heat, hot water and air conditioning for year-round climate control. These systems offer remarkable energy efficiency by harnessing heat energy from the air or ground and transferring it into the building.

Despite the initial installation costs, your business can benefit from significant long-term savings on energy bills. What’s more, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and do your bit towards the UK’s net zero carbon goal.

Why install air source heat pumps in office buildings?

1) Reduced energy costs

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, extracting and transferring heat rather than generating it, resulting in reduced energy bills.

2) Long Term Solution

While initial installation costs are high, your business can enjoy long-term savings due to the lower cost of operations and maintenance. Heat pumps also offer long-term reliability, and well-maintained systems can last up to 25 years.

3) Reduced environmental impact

As a source of renewable energy, air and ground source heat pumps reduce carbon emissions, helping your business meet its environmental responsibility goals.

4) Compact and versatile

Heat pumps provide heating, cooling and hot water, making them a great choice for year-round use. This versatility is particularly beneficial for buildings with varied climate control needs, like hotels. In addition, heat pump systems generally require less space than traditional heating systems like gas boilers, making them ideal for smaller commercial premises.

5) Boiler Upgrade Scheme

UK businesses can benefit from government support to install a heat pump, up to a value of £7,500. Check if your business is eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme here.

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Finding the right heat pump system for your business can be complex, but Cinergi can help you make an informed choice. A heat pump system is only as good as its design and installation. We are well-regarded in both respects and have forged a reputation for excellent customer service, and our customers are happy to give us 5-star reviews.

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FAQs about commercial air source heat pump installations for hotels

Heat pump technology is definitely not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. To work out the ideal size heat pump for your business premises, the Cinergi team will thoroughly assess factors like building size, insulation, and heating/cooling requirements. We will then recommend the size of the heat pump system that meets your specific needs.

In September 2023, the government increased the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant level for air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. There is a £450 million funding pot available up to 2025.

The scheme allows eligible businesses to claim £7,500 off the cost and installation of a ground or air source heat pump and £5,000 off the cost of a biomass boiler.

Visit the website to find out if your business is eligible and how to apply.

The choice between air or ground source heat pumps for a commercial building depends on various factors. Air source heat pumps are typically more straightforward to install and may be suitable for sites with space constraints. Ground source heat pumps, although requiring more space and extensive installation, can offer higher efficiency and stability.

Factors like available space, budget, and local climate influence the decision. We conduct a thorough assessment to recommend the most suitable option.


Air source heat pumps absorb heat from outside air to provide heating and hot water indoors. In heating mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoor air and releases it indoors. They can also work as cooling systems, where the process is reversed. A ground source heat pump works in a similar way, extracting heat from the ground through a network of buried pipes.

See our air source heat pump and ground source heat pump pages for more information on heat pump technology.

Air source heat pumps are generally more compact and suitable for locations with limited space. They typically require an outdoor unit and minimal indoor space. Ground source heat pumps need more space for ground loop installation, making them ideal for commercial properties with available land. Site-specific factors, including property size, layout, and local regulations, are crucial in determining the most appropriate option.

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