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Nicola Burrowes
"Cinergi are amazing, incredibly respectful and very tidy plus the aftercare is second to none. I would highly recommend!"
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Claim up to £7500 funding on your air source heat pump installation

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a government-backed initiative designed to help homeowners in the UK upgrade their heating to modern , efficient renewable alternatives (air source heat pumps). 

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We manage your application for the scheme, making it easy and straightforward.

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We'll help ensure you receive the maximum funding available.

What are the benefits of air source heat pumps?

If you’re considering investing in an air source heat pump, you’re in good company – thousands of UK homeowners are harnessing them to take control of their power supply and slash their energy bills.


Depending on your current energy supply, installing an air source heat pump could reduce your heating energy bills. Typically, the largest savings are seen when replacing oil, LPG, electric, or old/inefficient natural gas boilers.

Add value to your property

Besides the annual savings, air source heat pumps are a long-term investment as they can future-proof your property and potentially increase its market value.


A yearly inspection is required in order to ensure the heat pump is operating effectively and safely, and to maintain the relevant guarantees. Therefore, it is much less onerous than maintaining a gas or oil boiler.


Air Source Heat Pumps are far easier to install than ground source, and provide far less disruption to the occupiers. A typical installation takes between 2 to 6 days, depending on the size, type and layout of your property.

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How we’ll work with you - our trusted approach

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1. Property Survey:

We pride ourselves in our hassle-free client experience. One of our expert engineers will carry out a complimentary, no obligation survey to understand the most suitable options for your property.

2. Proposal:

We will then send you findings from our survey and a proposal outlining costs, installation timescales and energy estimate.

3. Installation:

On agreement, our team will install your system on your chosen date. Our installations are typically no longer than a week, we will provide a full demonstration of how it works so you can start enjoying your heat pump energy savings straight away.

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Kerstin Wheeler
"Excellent service from initial site visit through to commissioning of our air source heat pump system. We were kept fully informed of the process throughout. Polite and friendly plumber and electrician arrived as expected and were helpful and patient with our questions."
Arthur Merchant
"We used Cinergi to install a replacement air source heat pump. We found this firm to provide excellent service and after care. Clean, efficient and polite I would certainly recommend this firm."
Steve Rose
"Everyone at Cinergi was extremely helpful and professional throughout the process in respect to the installation of our ASHP. From quotation through to full design and installation. I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone wishing to investigate the merits of an ASHP over the more conventional heating systems."

Why use Cinergi for your heat pump installation?

At Cinergi, we bring over 40 years of combined expertise in both domestic and commercial energy sectors. We embrace all forms of renewable energy, including air source heat pumps.

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Rated 5/5 by customers

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Nicola Burrowes
"Cinergi are amazing, incredibly respectful and very tidy plus the aftercare is second to none. I would highly recommend!"