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Air Source Heat Pumps

what is an air source heat pump

What is a

Heat Pump?

Heat pumps have been around for a while now, but are only recently gaining real traction in the world of domestic heating. This is due to the continuous advancement of technology and also government backing via grants such as Green Deal and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

Air source heat pumps are most commonly found in 2 forms:

Both operate on the same basis, but as the name suggests, gather their energy from a either the air or the ground. Other systems, such as water source heat pumps, are available but are yet to become as commonplace.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

We understand if you want to know what a heat pump can do for you, rather than the technical ins and outs! But if you are interested in finding out about how these smart systems work to generate heat and hot water, then please click below. You can also read our air source heat pumps FAQs

What are

The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

Reduced Fuel Bills

Depending on your current energy supply, installing an air source heat pump could reduce your heating energy bills. Typically, the largest savings are seen when replacing oil, LPG, electric, or old/inefficient natural gas boilers.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Air Source Heat Pumps do not burn fossil fuels and are powered by electricity alone. As a result, switching to an air source heat pump can drastically reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Minimal Maintenance

A yearly inspection is required in order to ensure the heat pump is operating effectively and safely, and to maintain the relevant guarantees. Therefore, it is much less onerous than maintaining a gas or oil boiler.

Easier to Install

Air Source Heat Pumps are far easier to install than ground source, and provide far less disruption to the occupiers. A typical installation takes between 2 to 6 days, depending on the size, type and layout of your property.

the benefits of air source heat pumps

Recommended Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers

In our experience, a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply does not work in the world of heat pumps. So that is why, when it comes to choosing the right heat pump for you, we take an impartial and considered approach. Cinergi is an independent company and therefore we are not tied to a single manufacturer. We can source systems from a wide range of manufacturers, each of them with their own benefits. You can trust us to provide the right air source heat pump to suit your home or business.

We know not everyone shares our fascination with the technicalities of heat pumps, so if you have any questions about the models listed here, please get in touch!

vaillant air source heat pumps

Vaillant aroTHERM

Available in Monobloc and split variants with output up to 12.6 kW.

Vaillant are a well known brand in the world of domestic heating, though their ASHP is relatively new to the market when compared with other manufacturer’s. Despite this, their sleek modern design, super quiet noise levels and superior on site support/warranties have made Vaillant one of our most popular manufacturers.


Available in Monobloc and split variants with outputs up to 14kW.

Daikin are undoubtedly the biggest name when it comes to air conditioning and Air Source Heat Pumps and as such are one of our most commonly installed units. The Altherma range consists of Monoblocs (EDLA R32), Split units (ERLA & ERGA) and units that are capable of high flow temperatures up to 70 °C (EPGA HHT).

altherma daikin logo
HITACHI heat source pump logo


Available in split form with outputs up to 16.5kW.

Hitachi are our go-to unit for applications that require a very high output. They are the most powerful single phase heat pump unit on the market and can also reach flow temperatures of up to 70 °C – though we don’t typically design system at these high temperatures, it’s a nice backup for older properties with very high heat losses.


Available in monobloc form with outputs up to 14kW.

Stiebel Eltron offer more of a bespoke/premium product that can achieve higher outputs that other manufacturers, whilst still maintaining a single-fan design. We have recently installed these units in cascade format to provide output up to 55kW.

STIEBEL ELTRON​ heat source pump logo
mitsubishi air source heat pump

Mitsubishi Ecodan

Available in Monobloc form with outputs up to 14kW.

Mitsubishi have been in the heat pump industry for years, and are arguably one of the most well-known manufacturers when it comes to domestic installations. However, they also offer a range of commercial sized models with outputs exceeding 45kW. Check out our recent project at Reading University where we installed 3no. 45kW units to heat their restaurant area.

Samsung EHS (Generation 6)

Available in Monobloc form with outputs up to 12kW.

Samsung are another very well known manufacturer in the world of electronics and air conditioning who offer a vey cost effective Air Source Heat Pump system. They offer units with outputs ranging from 4.5kW to 12.3kW (true output) and are therefore a viable option for a wide range and type of property.

samsung air source heat pumps
midea air source heat pump


Available in Monobloc form with output up to 13 kW.

Midea are an emerging company with a very similar product offering to Samsung. They offer a very cost effective Air Source Heat Pump system with output ranging from 4.2kW to 13kW; all in single fan configuration. Midea also offer an industry leading 10 year guarantee (parts only).

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Heat Pumps?

If you want to know more about air source heat pumps, we’d love to chat. You can get in touch with us by calling 0800 321 3142. Alternatively, please click the button to arrange a callback from one of our team at a time that suits you.

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Why choose cinergi

For your Air Source Heat Pump installation?

40 Years Experience

We are trusted experts with over 40 years of experience in heating homes. In that time, our business has successfully evolved to meet our customers' changing needs. You can rely on us to give you the benefit of our extensive knowledge and impartial advice on how best to heat your property.

Professionally accredited installers

Cinergi is unique in that we are accredited to install Gas, LPG & Oil boilers, as well as air source heat pumps. As such, we are in a unique position to offer the wide range of heating solutions for your particular property and budget. Want a price for an air source heat pump and a replacement oil boiler? No problem, we can provide you with independent advice on the options available to you.

We service a wide area

We are ideally based in Southampton, with excellent transport routes all across the South. We serve homes and businesses in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Further afield? Not a problem, our engineers are willing to travel.

Skilled in-house installers & engineers

We are a close-knit, family-run business. We have high standards and expect our engineers to share our values. As a result, we do not use external sub-contractors. All of our air source heat pump installations are undertaken by trusted, in-house engineers.

We care about our customers

We love what we do and want our customers to love the results of our work. Our enduring success is down to our dedication to exceptional service. This can be evidenced in our customer reviews, of which we are very proud to share.

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