Our New Customer Referral Scheme

Don’t keep us a secret! If you loved our work, you and a friend can both benefit from our referral deal!

Don’t Keep Us a Secret!

Earn a £50 John Lewis Voucher

If you loved our work, then spread the word! Refer a friend or family member to Cinergi and they will get £100 off their new Air Source Heat Pump, and as a thank you you will get a £50 John Lewis voucher!

How does the referral work?

For any new customer, we ask that they declare your name at the point of first enquiry. This will then be added to the account, and upon successful purchase, we will process your voucher and your friend’s discount. Your voucher will be sent via email once your referred customer agrees to go ahead with the works.

Your referred customer is entitled to £100 off an Air Source Heat Pump or new boiler quote over £3500 (exc VAT). For more information about this deal, or to submit an enquiry for a referral, please get in touch with the team for more information.

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