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Our customers are delighted with the results we achieve for them in reducing their carbon footprint and saving them money on energy bills. We design and install energy systems in many different kinds of properties, both domestic and commercial, and deliver bespoke solutions for each one.

With both gas and electric solutions at our disposal – sometimes a combination of the two – Cinergi can be relied upon to find the most energy efficient system to suit your requirements and budget. We’re proud to present some of our work here and do feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Case Study 1

Air Source Heat Pump - 7kW

Location: Romsey, Hampshire
System Type: Air Source Heat Pump – 7kW
Property Type: 12-Year-old Detached
Emitter Type: UFH & Radiators
Replacing: 12+ Year old Mitsubishi EcoDan
Approx. System Cost: £9,500
RHI Estimation: £7,600

Cinergi were called to attend a leaking hot water cylinder, and a faulty/inefficient heat pump that was installed when the property was constructed around 12+ years ago. The customer opted to replace and upgrade the system and is delighted with the results. The new heat pump is far quieter than the original, and they have also seen some improvement in their energy usage and efficiency (oh, and the new cylinder doesn’t leak!)

Case Study 2

Air Source Heat Pump - 16kW

Location: Winchester, Hampshire
System Type: Air Source Heat Pump – 16kW
Property Type: Victorian Semi-detached
Emitter Type: UFH & Radiators
Replacing: 25+ Year old natural gas boiler
Approx. System Cost: £17,000
RHI Estimation: £11,250

Having recently purchased the property, our clients enlisted the assistance of Cinergi to assist in upgrading the heating system, which consisted of a 25+ year-old gas boiler and vented hot water cylinder. The plant was relocated to what is to become the utility room, with 2 additional heating zones added for future connection once the extension works is complete. Due to the layout of the garden, the heat external heat pump condenser has been installed approximately 30m down the garden. The client is now enjoying a far more efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating their characterful Victorian home.

Case Study 3

Air Source Heat Pump - 44kW

Location: Winchester, Hampshire
System Type: Air Source Heat Pump – 44kW
Property Type: 30 year old detached
Emitter Type: UFH & Radiators
Replacing: 2x 30 year old large gas boilers
Approx. System Cost: £40,000
RHI Estimation: £12,000

Cinergi were enlisted to bring this heating system up to date, as nothing had changed since construction 30+ years ago. The customer was keen to reduce their carbon footprint and opted to 2 x 22kW CTC air source heat pumps, with 500L of hot water storage and a 500L buffer tank. The ASHP replaced the only remaining gas appliance therefore making the property carbon neutral, with the assistance of solar power and battery storage. Cinergi undertook the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning, including the new 3 phase sub-main and distribution board.

Case Study 4

Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump (12kW) with existing oil boiler

Location: Trowbridge, Wiltshire
System Type: Air Source Heat Pump – 44kW
Property Type: 100+ year old detached
Emitter Type: Radiators
Replacing: Coupled with existing boiler
Approx. System Cost: £11,000
RHI Estimation: £8,200

Our client was keen to reduce their carbon footprint, but due to the size and type of the property, heating solely via an Air Source Heat pump just was not feasible. Instead, we installed a 12kW heat pump to complrment their existing oil boiler, which will only need to kick in to assist when the external temperature drops below 5°C. We estimate that the heat pump will provide over 51% of the property’s heating demand in the years to come,  drastically reducing its CO2 emissions.

Case Study 5

Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump (7kW) with new gas boiler

Location: Winchester, Hampshire
System Type: Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump (7kW) with new gas boiler
Property Type: 40 year old detached bungalow
Emitter Type: Radiators
Replacing: 20 year old gas boiler
Approx. System Cost: £15,600
RHI Estimation: £9,981

Having recently moved in and discovered the gas boiler was leaking and not holding pressure, our customer decided to investigate the option of installed an air source heat pump. Following completion of the heat loss calculations, we confirmed that a 12kW heat pump would adequately cover the heating and hot water demand for the property. However, although one member of the family desperately wanted a heat pump the other wanted to retain the gas boiler (we won’t mention who!). Fortunately, we were able to offer a compromise of a 7kW Vaillant heat pump combined with a new Vaillant boiler. The heat pump now provides 100% of their heating above 2°C and all of their hot water (covering and estimated 75% of their annual heating demand).

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