Renewable Energy Showroom

Visit Cinergi’s renewable energy showroom to see the latest technologies firsthand, receive expert guidance, and make informed decisions for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Showroom now open in Hampshire

At Cinergi, we realise that renewable energy technology can appear a little daunting to the uninitiated. While online research provides a wealth of information, there is nothing quite like seeing something with your own two eyes!

Visiting our showroom offers a unique and valuable experience that goes beyond what can be found online.

  • Get hands-on experience: Our showroom allows you to see, touch, and interact with the latest renewable energy technologies. Being able to physically explore these options helps you visualise how they would fit into your home or business.
  • Expert guidance: At the showroom, our team of knowledgeable experts is readily available to provide advice and answer your questions.
  • Live demos: The tech on display is in full working order to showcase its performance, functionality and capability.
  • Peace of mind: Making the switch to renewable energy is a significant investment, and it’s important that our customers have confidence in their choices. By visiting our showroom, you can see the aesthetic, quality, durability, and reliability of the products we offer.

Technology On Display

We have a whole range of renewable energy solutions on display in full working order. The range available to view offers stand-alone, hybrid and integrated solutions for your home or business.

Heat Pumps

Vaillant aroTHERM plus 5kW

This system uses energy from the air to provide hot water and warmth for your home, combined with a sensoCOMFORT controller that ensures optimal comfort and efficiency, and a Sunamp unit for storing heat energy. The model is available to view in complete working order with low-loss header and radiator circuit.

Daikin 10kW H HT

This hybrid heat pump system uses renewable energy to generate heat for your property and comes with an integral cylinder unit for storing hot water, allowing you to have both space heating and hot water in one integrated solution. Available to view in complete working order with a radiator circuit and integral hot water cylinder.

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Solar Panels

10kW 3-phase SolarEdge solar PV system

This solar power system consists of solar panels with a capacity of 10 kilowatts and a 3-phase configuration. It powers the Cinergi offices, our Tesla Powerwall and also provides energy for charging electric vehicles.

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Battery Storage Systems & EV Chargers

Tesla Powerwall V2

The Tesla Powerwall V2 is a battery storage system that can be used as a backup power source in case of a power outage, ensuring that your office/home remains powered even during disruptions to the grid. Available to view in full working order, as it is currently providing backup energy to the Cinergi offices.

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Myenergi System

The Myenergi System comprises three components:

  • 22kW 3-phase Zappi EV charger: This electric vehicle charger is capable of providing fast charging for your electric car, with a power capacity of 22 kilowatts.
  • Eddi immersion diverter: This device intelligently diverts excess electricity generated by your solar panels to heat your water using an immersion heater, maximising your use of renewable energy.
  • Battery and grid monitoring: This feature allows you to monitor the status and performance of your battery storage system and grid connection, providing valuable insights into your energy usage and efficiency.

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Our showroom is based in the south of Hampshire, easily accessible by the M3 and A27. 

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